Class Descriptions




Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow 


Mat Classes –  Pilates Mat exercises are challenging, and a great way to experience the benefits of Pilates on a budget. Without the assistance of springs, the body must support itself by creating its own resistance. Many props can be incorporated to further challenge the body and mind – Magic Circles, foam rollers, physio balls, barrels and weights can be added to create a wide variety of exercises that challenge the body and mind.  (8 students maximum)

Tower Classes – Tower class is great workout and a savvy & economical way to to experience Pilates using the equipment and springs. These classes are energizing and flowing and are a complete body workout balanced by plenty of strengthening exercises and opening movements. These classes combine the resistance of the springs of the tower with Mat work to create truly, a whole body work out for both mind and body.  (3 students maximum)

Machine Classes – A Machine class consists of using any and all apparatus in the studio – Reformer, Tower, Mat, Barrels, Cadillac, Chair

You may book private, duet, or trio sessions for the machine classes –

Private Session – A one-on-one class that focuses on individual needs and goals. 1 student, 55 minutes

Duet & Trio Sessions – Similar to the private session, the duet/trio is for 2-3 people, at similar levels, to work out together with one instructor.  2-3 students, 55 minutes