Excellent, skilled, and personalized instruction in a beautiful studio. I find Treetop Pilates to be a very positive environment for helping me achieve my fitness goals.  – Elissa P.



Tammy is clearly an expert in what she does. She isolates areas that were the underlying cause of the symptoms I described to her. I did her Reformer private sessions for three months, twice a week. I both feel and see results in my symptoms and in my figure. The work is subtle, not like taking a spin class, but I leave each session with “jelly legs” and feel my core and hidden muscles got the workout that large muscle exercise machines and activities miss. Besides all that, she’s such an energetic and enthusiastic teacher that I always feel supported (rather than demoralized as I’d felt in gym Piiates) and inspired. I’ve referred two friends to her that feel the same way.  – Jeanne H.



Tammy is a superb teacher, very attuned to the specific needs and issues of each student and excellent at explaining and demonstrating Pilates work. She is passionate about her work and this makes her an incredibly inspiring coach. No one should hesitate to go to her out of a fear that Pilates is too difficult given their ailments or age, as Tammy will take you as you are and work according to your needs — you will be amazed at how quickly you will develop strength in your core and find relief from various symptoms. While we have so far only done matwork with her, we are looking forward to experiencing the Pilates machines, which not every Pilates instructor can offer.  – Paul M.



It is sooo awesome to FINALLY have a Pilates Studio in town.  Tammy is an amazing, effective  instructor who truly cares about the health, safety, and well being of her clients.  She takes the time to get to know you, your body, and safely helps you reach your desired goals..even if that means slowing down, when you don’t want to.

She clearly loves movement and loves to teach it.  She challenges experienced students and explains something new to students at the level they can understand.  Need a modification because your new or have an injury?  Not a problem!   She knows so many variations, you will be challenged to the degree that is approximate for your fitness level.

I take mat, tower, and machine classes in group and private lessons.  I continue get stronger and my breath deeper.  The class schedule is awesome as it accommodates AM and PM schedules so I am able to move 4-6 days a week!

Thank you Tammy for creating the studio space in our neck of the woods.  If you are a local or passing through for a drop in, Tammy will not disappoint.   – Antoinette C.



Tammy is super motivated and knowledgeable about Pilates. Her studio is very clean and an inviting place to workout. I trust her as an instructor as I have some limitations due to injuries and she adjusts her instructions to accommodate me. She is very concerned with my wellbeing and encourages me to get my best workout without overdoing it, or causing myself pain. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for better flexibility, longevity and improved overall health. Go check her classes out!  You’ll see!

– Darren C.